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I’ve adapted an Excel Timesheet that I used in a past employment so that it’s more readily usable for a wider variety of people. Originally this timesheet was designed fairly specifically for employees of Local Government bodies in the UK, but it should now be usable for near enough anyone.

If you’re not careful timesheets can become a real time sink, especially if you’re using a paper based system. This Excel timesheet allows for any work pattern you might be able to think of, including night shifts, which is something I’ve found to be lacking in many systems. This timesheet also allows for multiple absence reasons as well as one-off idiosyncrasies for which there is a ‘Notes/Extra days’ box at the bottom of the sheet.

Please note that I do not take credit for creating the original version of this spreadsheet, I’ve merely adapted it so as to benefit as wide an audience as possible.

Click here to download the Excel Timesheet

As I generally do, I would suggest that you spend a few minutes playing with the spreadsheet after you’ve downloaded it to see how you can best use it to suit your needs.

You’ll notice that this timesheet only contains two tabs at the time of downloading – There are instructions in the ‘Control Sheet’ tab which explain how to create as many tabs as you need. When I used an older version of this template in my previous employment I generally found it simplest to create a new version of the timesheet file for each year, so I’d have a total of 13 tabs in each file: 12 monthly tabs and the ‘Control Sheet’.

For ease of use I’ve protected all of the templates, which will prevent accidental overtyping of formulas. There are no passwords, so if you want to remove the protection then go right ahead.

Unprotecting worksheets - In Excel 2003 or earlier you can do this by selecting ‘Tools’ in the menu bar and then Protection – Unprotect Sheet.

In Excel 2007 or later select the ‘Review’ tab in the ribbon at the top of the screen and then choose ‘Unprotect Sheet’ in the Review menu.

I hope that you’ve found this Excel template useful – please let me know your thoughts by completing the feedback form at the bottom of the page.

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