Microsoft Word Shortcuts

On this page you’ll find a list of useful Microsoft Word shortcuts – I have not covered all of the available shortcuts, but I have covered all those that I believe will be of use to the majority of people. If you wish to see a full list of shortcuts you can find one by opening the Help menu in Word and locating the ‘Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Word’ page. Many of these shortcuts are generic and can be used with other Microsoft Office programs and indeed some, such as those for Copy and Paste, can be used in any Windows based environment.

For each of these Microsoft Word shortcuts I will give the name of the function, a brief description of what it does and the keyboard shortcut. In cases where multiple key pressed are required it is important to note that you will need to hold down the keys in question in the order I’ve written them until the last key is pressed. For example if the keyboard shortcut was Ctrl-Shift-4 you would need to press and hold down the ctrl and shift keys and then hit 4. Once the last key is pressed you can release all of the other keys.

CopyCopies selected text or object to the clipboardCtrl-C
CutCopies selected text or object to the clipboard and deletes it from its current locationCtrl-X
PastePlaces text or object currently on the clipboard at the location of the cursorCtrl-V
Paste SpecialOpens the Paste Special menuCtrl-Alt-V
BoldMakes selected text boldCtrl-B
ItalicMake selected text ItalicCtrl-I
UnderlineUnderlines selected textCtrl-U
Font size upIncrease font size of selected text by 1Ctrl-Shift->
Font size downDecrease font size of selected text by 1Ctrl-Shift-<
SuperscriptTurns selected text into superscriptCtrl-Shift-=
SubscriptTurns selected text into subscriptCtrl-=
Right alignAligns selected text to the rightCtrl-R
Left alignAligns selected text to the leftCtrl-L
Center alignAligns selected text to the centreCtrl-E
Justify textStretches selected text to full page widthCtrl-J
UndoReverses last action takenCtrl-Z
RedoRedoes last action takenCtrl-Y
HelpOpens Help menuF1
Select allSelects everything in open documentCtrl-A
FindOpens search facilityCtrl-F
Spell CheckRuns Spell Check facilityF7
Word CountRuns the Word Count facilityCtrl-Shift-G
PrintOpens the Print menuCtrl-P
New DocumentOpens new Microsoft Word documentCtrl-N
Open DocumentOpens file explorer for selection of previously saved documents for openingCtrl-O
SaveSaves the existing documentCtrl-S
Save AsOpens the Save As menuF12

These are very useful shortcuts that can save you a lot of time if you get into the habit of using them regularly. I hope you’ve found this Microsoft Word Shortcuts Tutorial helpful, please feel free to leave me feedback by completing the form at the bottom of the page.


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